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My name is Andy Sechrist, I started my career by making custom levels for the Call of Duty series about eight years ago. With the help of friends in the professional and modding community, I was able to refine my abilities. I created several maps in the Call of Duty tools prior to mod tools being discontinued with Modern Warfare 2. I then turned my attention to the Unreal Engine and practiced in UDK. Once again I surrounded myself with a community of passionate game developers that could help get me to where I needed to be.   In 2011, I began tool testing for Rekoil, an Unreal Engine 3 FPS. I worked alongside the Dev team and made sure the tools were suitable for the general public. I made test maps and ran each one through the testing phases with gametypes and such. After the release of Rekoil, I took on my first junior level design role with Alone in the Dark: Illumination, an Unreal Engine 4 title. In early 2014 we started work on this third person action horror title. As a Junior Level Designer, I worked on levels from concept to final optimized product.

Personal Info

  • Southern Virginia
  • andy@designbytubby.com

Service 1

Concept and 2D Level Design

Service 2

Bring Concept into 3D Blockout

Service 3

Art and Optimization Pass For Final Level Design

Please Contact with any questions about previous work or quotes for work.

Older Work



Dubai CoD 4